About the National Amyloidosis Centre

The National Amyloidosis Centre (the NAC) is part of the University College London (UCL) Division of Medicine. It is situated at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London. The NAC has been at the cutting edge of treatment and research into all aspects of amyloidosis for over 25 years. Since 1999 the NAC has been responsible for the UK national caseload of amyloidosis. The NAC is a highly specialised NHS clinical service funded by NHS England to provide a diagnostic service for amyloidosis patients throughout the UK.

The NAC’s amyloidosis practice is the world’s largest and most diverse. In 1987 Professor Sir Mark Pepys FRS and Professor Philip Hawkins developed the SAP scan. This is the only existing method for non-invasive diagnosis and comprehensive follow up of amyloidosis in all parts of the body. The NAC is the only place in the world where the SAP scan is routinely available.

The consultants at the NAC follow all patients regularly and maintain close contact with other physicians involved in their management to ensure that they receive the best and most effective treatments available.

The associated Wolfson Drug Discovery Department conducts intensive research into new drugs for amyloidosis.

A full list of NAC staff and their contact details is available here.