How can I cope with weight loss?

Both AL amyloidosis itself and treatment side effects may cause weight loss.  Sometimes patients find it hard to eat and drink enough because of feeling generally unwell, or because a sore mouth or altered taste sensation make swallowing difficult.  You may find it easier to eat several small meals each day, if your appetite for larger meals is affected.  Going for a short walks may help you to feel more appetite for food.  If your mouth is uncomfortable, sucking on ice or ice lollies may be helpful.  If you are too tired to cook, it may be helpful to ask family members and friends to help with food preparation.  Consulting a dietician can be helpful.  Under some circumstances special high calorie drinks may be recommended.  It is important to check with your doctor or nurse whether these are safe for you as they are sometimes high in protein content, which may not be recommended if you have problems with kidney function.

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